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Seamilar ... the sequel

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On 4/15/2018 at 3:41 PM, bezo said:

Nice addition to plugin Daniel,

btw, could be added tiling option for user checkerboards? (since currently similar option only for default custom checker)


The default custom checker doesn't use a tiling option, it simply allows to indicate how many cells the checkerboard consists of.

Not sure I can introduce tiling in an easy way, but I understand the reason for wanting this.

Nothing promised, but I'll see what can be done in a future update.


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Some of you might have noticed that my plugins are not available anymore at the C4DCafe Store.

I had requested Igor to temporarily disable or remove the plugins from the webshop.

Reason for this is that I did not want potential customer to purchase a pre-R20 version, expecting to have a working version when Cinema 4D R20 is released.

Since updating the plugins to R20 might require some time (once I have access to an R20 SDK), I had decided to make plugins available via the store only after their R20 version would be ready.

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Wow, this is so good! Looking forward to the release.

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Looks great.  For me the biggest feature C4D is missing is the ability to overlap islands that are of more than one polygon.  Let's say we have a field of grass we made and want all the grass to share the same UV.  Having something automatically overlap the UV of all the grass would be great.  It could detect that they are all unconnected meshes using something similar to what select connected does and auto overlap all the UVs.  Having a manual way to get it to overlap UV islands would be great too as this would help overlap a mesh which is connected.  This would help with getting a mirror of UV to overlap or parts of the same character.  Lets say we wanted each finger of a character to share the same UVs.  Having a way to manually say overlap those UVs would be great.

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Stacking UV islands is on my todo list ... next to so many other features. Cannot promise when any of these will become available in future update(s).

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Seamilar and my other plugins are now available for R20, see blog post below


If you are looking for an easier way to do UV mapping than using the native tools, and don't need all the features available in Seamilar, you might want to look at EasyUV instead (coming soon). It is based on Seamilar but has less features, and as such will be less expensive.

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Since last post I was working on a new feature, which I am very excited about. More about that later.

It took time to work out a design and required quite some supporting math to get the desired solution. Implementation is now mostly done, just not finalized yet.

However, I was recently contacted for a particular request, and have put the feature on the shelf (only for a while) as I assume this new request to be more useful on a long term.


Up till now Seamilar's manipulation of UVs (via points, edges, polygons, islands) was mainly focused on using interactive tools.

Soon the new numeric transform tool will be available, allowing to manipulate points, edges, polygons and islands via precise values.


For this to work the way I intended I had to construct a custom GUI component: ReferencePoint.

With this you will be able to move, rotate, scale, position, size items from the four corners of a bounding box, or its center.

For rotating, scaling and sizing you will also be able to perform the transformation actions on the whole set of selected items, or on the different islands separately.

For moving and positioning you will be able to specify any corner of the UV canvas as origin.

And when in Texture Display mode you will have the option to specify the transformation action in UV coordinates, or in pixel values.




The icon for this new tool needs some attention, as this one is just a placeholder during the work-in-progress.


I am currently finalizing the implementation of this tool. Followed with some more testing days ahead, before releasing an update.

(Maybe some porting to pre-R20 version of Seamilar, depending the interest)

After the release of the update I'll continue working on the other feature.



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Made a quick demonstration video of the new feature in action.

While the feature originated from the demand to have a pixel accurate positioning and sizing option, I figured I could as well implement a full transform tool supporting both UV unit as pixel units (except for scale and rotate, obviously).

The new tool is still work in progress, but should be available in a next update.



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The numeric transform is currently in beta, awaiting feedback.

As mentioned earlier I had been working on adding a new feature to the plugin, which would allow stacking of UV islands.

With this addition users are able to stack multiple islands. When manipulating a stack each of its island would inherit the UV manipulation.

It also allows to free up UV canvas space by stacking islands that require the same texture space.


For now, only the "single-shot" island stacking is being demonstrated, where you stack selected islands by a command. In future, a more elaborate stacking-tool will be made available, where you will be able to interactively stack islands. This will allow to specify the stacking with specific polygon-matching requirement (later more about this).

While the stacking-tool allows for a more specific solution, in case of complex island structure, I preferred to have the automatic stacking-command worked out first. This required quite some design and implementation, but also allows for a quick-and-dirty stacking of multiple islands ... which I assume would be mostly used.



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