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Party Popper

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  • Hi guys :)

    This is my very first post here, I am looking for a way to use dynamics to simulate a party popper, any suggestion?




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    Hello, and :welcome:to all this...

    This is an interesting project, but it's not going to be easy - you will need a range of different techniques to do this well, and dynamics is merely one of them. It may also be more effective / desirable to do it without dynamics at all. What is certain is that this is going involve one hell of a lot of testing and experimentation...

    We should start by looking at what comprises a party popper...

    • The main plastic body of the object
    • The string and the band that secures it to the stem before it is launched
    • The cardboard cap
    • Approximately 10 ultra-tightly bundled paper streamers
    • Glitter / miscellaneous particulate 'stuff'
    • Explosive charge section (we don't need to model this - we'll never see it, and can fake it with particles later anyway)

    So, I recommend doing the easy bits first...

    Model the cap (quad disc with small thickness), the plastic body (use a lathe and make sure your profile spline describes the inside as well), and a single piece of 'glitter' (tiny plane, 1 x 1 (3x3 if you want to use aerodynamics), no thickness required).

    Next draw a spline that will describe the path of your string, including the loop by which it is secured by the band, and make that into a sweep using an n-side (8 sides) as the profile. You may be able to use spline dynamics to animate this, but my hopes aren't high because of the restraining band - in which case you may have to manually animate the spline, at least initially.

    Next you'll be needing a particle system to do the glitter explosion, so add an emitter, drag your glitter particle under it, and then experiment with whatever particle forces you think will give you a single burst of glitter moving and dispersing as you want it. In the final animation you can animate this on and off to get particles bursting out at the exact moment you need them, and not anytime else.

    Optionally, you could do another particle system firing tiny black 'dots' to simulate the blow-out of ignition powder dust.

    You cannot expect dynamics to adequately blow out the cap, because it starts in a fixed channel of the plastic holder, and relies on explosive force to move it out of there when launched. C4D cannot automatically deform that cap enough to release it from the surround in response to dynamic input, so you will have to manually animate that deforming and flying away a fraction of a second before you launch your emitters and streamers. Or fake it by not placing it in a channel at all, and hoping the viewer doesn't notice - they probably won't ;)

    Talking of which, the streamers are by far the hardest part of this, because it is unlikely that C4D dynamics will make these explode in the way that you expect. I will have to take a little while and think about the best way of doing those, so I'll get back to you in a later post, or other people may jump in and advise you how to do that before I think of anything.

    I imagine you've got enough to be going on with  :)

    Good luck !


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    Appreciate the time you spent to come up with the solution, that was absolutely amazing man THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! ::):

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    Hey no worries - I'm still thinking about that last bit with the streamers though... that really is a challenge ! :)

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    Yep - you got the glitter bit nailed, though some reflectance and nice HDRI on a sky object would make it shinier :)

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