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Corona Tutorials C4D

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I can not seem to find any tutorials on Corona and how to use it and its render settings in english.


Can anyone point me in the right direction or give any type of tips to help with the use of it?


Thank you

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Guest Giovannac



I'm also looking for this, but so far I only  found the official tuts from the Corona website: https://corona-renderer.com/resources/tutorials/

If anyone knows any other, please let us know :]

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Guest mrjavali

Hi, someone post this Great tutorial on the cinema4d Corora render group on facebook:
It's in Italian but you can easily translate it on the browser via google translator (like i did!), you will understand the important stuff...

PS: Giovannac, it will suit you very well! :wackywink:  This guy Angelo Ferretti is very talented!!

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