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This idea was something I've been wanting to do for a long time so the past couple of weeks I finally sat down and  started playing around with all different possibilities. As a designer it comes as no surprise that I'm fascinated by patterns. Almost a cliché really! But I never really explored patterns in a 3D space and the fact that you can use a lot of illusions and tricks in order to create these patterns was something I wanted to explore. In some cases I'm using reflective surfaces to either complete a pattern or create holes giving the impression that the surface is going in instead of out. The last sequence of the cubes on top of cubes is also an illusion with the inside cube being very deformed and using reflections to make it feel likes it's on top of the other cube even though it's the other way around.

Had lots of fun doing this and trying to figure out interesting patterns! The other interesting fact is that the whole sequence was rendered in 4K which was a major pain in the ass! Had to use Zynnc in order to complete this in a reasonable time! If I used just my machine I would still be rendering! 

Anyway here it is!  


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