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"FATTY" New character work by Vector


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Taking a break from modelling the Darth Vader helmet, to do some character work, a fat office worker/boss, body proportions, especially his suit should be fun to make, if not a challenge at least :D




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54 minutes ago, SIgor said:

Superb as always, keep us updated! :)


35 minutes ago, Cerbera said:

IQP Gold Star. I assume you'll be modelling burger and fries to go with that ?


thanks man, will do, and ooooh lordy, gold star :D... i might have to actually ;)

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1 minute ago, SIgor said:

Did you try with SSS shader? It would be interesting to see it in action! :)

yep its got sss in the luminance channel, probably the angle not showing it too well, its got a strong back light so from front on it shows much better

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5 minutes ago, Cerbera said:

No I'm seeing the SSS nicely :) The only thing for me that isn't working about that shader is the bump.


could be improved for sure, although im not sure it even needs any skin details

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