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Use HDRI Studio Rig with Corona Renderer

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I'm not sure how familiar you guys are with Corona but I've been using the alpha for a couple of weeks now and really like it! 

My question is, how can i use GSG's HDRI Studio Rig with Corona.. It's something I've really come to depend on and not being able to use it is making things difficult. Obviously, i know how to use HDRI's in Corona but I really need to be able to create the seamless background look that HDRI Studio Rig creates.  

I've tried using cyc's from the GSG Light Kit but they're not seamless.. and the cyc's block light from the HDRI's I'm using.. Maybe this isn't possible yet.. but if anyone has any ideas on how i can create that same seamless look while rendering in Corona, I'd be so so so thankful! 

Here's a quick example of where i am with Corona, using one of the studio backdrops from the GSG Light Kit:



You can see what i mean by it not being seamless like the HDRI Studio Rig. i want a smooth transition between the floor and backdrop.

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