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Redshift Impressions


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Been posting most of my new images over in the Redshift club - but I figured I should probably keep this thread up to date too! 


somenerv-DesertCountach-RADified.thumb.jpg.8bf1123934f537d1c866d1c772641d10.jpg  DUNE4000.thumb.jpg.4faa427d433d08c6cae25f5c815834f6.jpg


woops3_2.thumb.jpg.f646aa853e83f84265e38bdfafba92b9.jpg  woops4_2.thumb.jpg.0e47a9b6a30828c38778beba4310600c.jpg  


5992ffe7ebf13_cinedune-v1-LUTtest.thumb.jpg.8c0598244338b58ffa0d297b883383c3.jpg  giphy.gif


giphy.gif  giphy.gif






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@flippyfloop yes. The alpha ended 8/31 and  Redshift is now officially in production.  


You need to uninstall the alpha and either,  run the demo version (with watermarks) or buy the license.  


You can visit the DEV ANNOUNCEMENTS section of the RS forum for more info on transitioning out of alpha. 


Also, we moved all of the Redshift discussion to the Redshift for C4D Club. 



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