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Redshift Impressions


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Guest ChooBoo

Just got the Red shift Alpha and HFSB's its fast. Coming from Octane I was a little 'EH?' but been diving into some tutorials and I like it, while the node editor isn't as nice looking as Cycles, The native shaders are pretty versatile, testing away and so far so good. Might set up a couple of scenes one I rendered in octane and try and recreate it in redshift and do a comparison. 

An initial experiment with a dome light and an HDRI  which wouldn't resolve its noise for some reason was interesting, but then just changed HDRIs and it was ok again phew. 

I've followed this thread and see you've had the same *** moment on some of the extreme settings (or reverse) i've had, as in things are changed by 0.001 of increments which seems a little nuts but I guess just a quirk of the renderer. 

One area im really impressed by is the volume lights, Octane just slows to a crawl but Redshift just chewed through a volume area light like nothing 
I must say its pretty incredible 

Anywho testing and more testing, defo a steeper learning curve but nothing crazy. 

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A little combo breaker.   Keith Haring was my favorite artist as a kid in the 80s.  This is a little imitation / tribute piece, taking his vibes into the 3D animation world. 

Fairly simplistic, but still fun.  I may need to work a little more on the joint weights for the next one.   



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16 hours ago, SIgor said:

Where do you find your inspiration? So many different and cool stuff! :)



I feel like I have a few recurring themes that I've always been fascinated by.  

The ideas sometimes just pop into my head or are triggered by something I see, whether it's another piece of art, a movie, a tv show, or real life.  But in the end it all sort of falls into one of the usual theme buckets. 

I also feel like the variety is good. It helps show prospective clients that I can tackle different things, while still maintaining a certain personal aesthetic. 


Thanks again! 


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Oh I forgot to post this one from a few weeks ago.  A little... risque... so make sure no one else is around when viewing full-size.  ;P 


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