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Effector ideas


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Wow, what an exciting thought! I have 2 requests for effectors which I have always wanted. 

The first is for an effector which creates a mesh based on a 3D noise like Proc3Durale does. The result can be so gorgeous.

The second is for an effector which places a mesh at the tips of hairs, mesh projections, clones, or whatever (like XPSkinner does). Here is a complex example of what I'm trying to say:

Cloth With Controls 1.c4d.zip

I think either or both would really upgrade the functionality of C4D. Thank you!

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4 hours ago, HSrdelic said:

Hi folks :)

Hi , 

here is some ideas for different effectors :

-it would be great if there is an effector to evenly distribute the objects onto the surface of object and even better if there is a blend option so you can animate the transition .

-look at camera effector , similar to the target effector , but uses the default camera data .

-Flock effector , to add some swarm like animation which would be cool 

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Guest gearbit

Not so much an effector request, but a simple, ease of use request. Can we have a slider or checkbox in our dynamics settings that pre-compute an invisible, lower resolution mesh to use for dynamics? Something like the polygon reduction deformer but built into the dynamics settings.

Proxies and cage deformers work, but it'd be much simpler if the dynamics could simply look at its own, internally created lo-poly mesh.


Thanks, and sorry for being a little off topic.

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Cool idea, nice you want to use your coding skills for something practical.


- Yes, surface distribution of clones in an equal spaced grid, so you can clone evenly on something like a face, without having a lot more clones around the eyes for example. (But this is something MAXON should build into the cloner)


But for something a script could do:


- Something so I can offset clones in a Spyrical way.  So that if you clone with anything else but Radial, you can move clones Up AND Down (and Left AND right)

For something like a Grid an extra Gamma curve would be a bonus :)

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Instead of MAXON making effectors for C4D maybe if a future nodal programming environment was suitably low level enough the community would respond with countless Effectors, Deformers and Generators? MAXON please take a leaf out of XSI's ICE book.


If, let's call it Xpresso 2.0, could bake down a node network into a plugin the very talented and generous C4D community would rapidly extend the features of C4D. I bet there are many more people skilled with Xpresso than there are Python developers and it would be great if they too could create plugins. This of course depends on there being an Xpresso2 in the works and it would provide low enough level access to create plugins. XSI's ICE was extremely powerful and allowed huge potential to extend XSI how ever the user desired and it was so optimised that plugins created in ICE were much faster than natively programmed C versions.


It might temp back users who have or are in the process of drifting over to Houdini.

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