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Basketball Trikot

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Flohmow    0

Hello there,

i try to make a basketball-trikot like material with a print on it. I was able to create the mesh-texture but now i am struggeling with the print on it. I would love to have kind of a 3D print on it, but if you already could help me with another kind of print on the mesh, that would be pretty amazing!!!
Many many thanks!
The file is included, hopefully it helps!


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Cerbera    1,730

Just looked up Trikot - for everyone else that didn't know, that means 'T-shirt' by the looks of it :)

3D print hey ? - you can use photoshop to make your graphics, and apply them to the T-shirt with an alpha-mapped second material. For that reason, once you have made your text in PS or whatever, also create an alpha channel for it either in the image itself, or as a separate jpeg you can load into the alpha channel of your second material in C4D. You can use the texture mapping tools (texture mode, axis mode) to precisely position your text on the shirt, probably using flat mapping.


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