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Thoughts On Modelling This?

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mattbowden    15

I've started this shape at least 5 times. It's really throwing me for a loop. the fact that it's shaped like a cylinder but the top is rounded is causing problems. I've tried starting with both a cube and a cylinder but can't seem to get it right. Thoughts? I do plan on only modelling half though and throwing it in a symmetry object. I have to start adding loops to get the edges of the top sharp but when I do I lose the roundness of the base.


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Cerbera    1,922

OK, here's how I'd start this...


I began with a plane with 7 vertical segments, and added enough horizontal loops to support the hole, which I then inner extruded (twice) and cut out.

Then I duplicated that, moved it in a bit, and applied 2 symmetrical bend modifiers to curve the outer surface in. CStO'd that, and then merged the 2 meshes with COaD.

Then I adjusted the outer 2 edge loops of the flat section so they matched the new curved section, width-wise, and Stitch'nSew'd all the edges together.

Lastly added some control loops and placed under SDS. Now you can extend the right curved side down and out, and extrude the inner edge to a new centerline to make the hinge bed.

RE the issue of control loops adding sharpness uniformly; you just need to distribute them so that they are very close to key corner edges at the top, but evenly spread out at the bottom where you need it rounded. If you have the HB modelling bundle, then the 'even distribution' script is your best friend for this.

Hope that helps


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