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Im up for paying for this, and love to see some character rigging training.  

I dont like to rely on the character tool, and while I can rig to a basic level id like to see how to produce a rig and understand it on par with the character tools rig so I can make my own and customise my own character templates.  

Facial rigging is a biggie, and love to know how to set this up, even a basic one to start with.  

I think to be able to model and rigged a character to be on par with DAZ3D character, or production level with a well set up joint control morph system based on positional and rotational is a huge task and one which I see nobody take on to train simply because its a huge job, however id subscribe to a training project like that, even if it covers stuff I already know as often its the missing bits between of knowledge that can be them golden nuggets of information.




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Hi Cafe folks :) I have noticed that quite a few questions which require more complex solutions and deeper knowledge are sometimes unanswered on Cafe. Also, I receive daily requests for help via

Cool, so there is interest :) We will start with this in few weeks, I have to choose some good topics and construct few scenes.

folks, Class 4 is in works and will be available this week, probably already tomorrow :)

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As always, I'm in too.

However, even if I quiet like rigging (not my entire cup of tea though), please Hrvoje, don't forget complex setup with particles (XP) and dynamics and even why not adding fluid (TFD) in the mix ;o)




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Great to see interest!

folks, I already devised some scenes and collected some ideas on what to do. There is a lot of material and I will try to target stuff that benefits most of people, not just small group (but will cover that too in future). Plan is to keep videos on shorter side with faster pace since general C4D knowledge is assumed. Expect something in two weeks once return from business trip :)


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