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TD Master Section / Now Available

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sounds great guys, and i get the idea now why you want to make it subscription only. i will definitely try it out. and i wasn't questioning the quality, i know for sure this will be good. ;) it's more the quantity that raised my concern. but 50 a year sounds pretty good to me. i think you should add the info about that in the description, if people know what to expect exactly it's much easier to commit to another subscription.. those things pile up quickly and make a huge amount of monthly fix-costs...

btw, is there a chance to get proper invoices with VAT ID so we can deduct it from our taxes as educational costs?

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Guest kokoro

Interactive pinball machine, I always wanted to learn that, that would be exciting man, please do it.

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Guest elham

I want to be in this class

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what is TD and TDMSC ?

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    As content is delivered the list will be made with what is currently available. Re VAT: Unfortunately no due to local regulations. Paypal receipt is all that we can provide.


    Building whole setup would take significant time and would result in looooong video. Would just a part, prototype suffice? For example, how to create interactive parts which bounce the ball and user driven flipper etc?


    Simply subscribe via store, there will be first video today :)


    Of course, simply use the store


    TD stands for technical directing or technical development. MSC is Master section Class


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    Wonderful idea! I've signed up, and would like to offer a couple of suggestions for consideration:

    1. There are dozes of Realflow tutorials around but none of them teach how to render the final sim. If you think about it, a perfect fluid sim is worthless if you don't know how to render it. Continuing that thought, I recommend that the MC include how to render any scenes or effects, rather than just build in C4D the scene or effect. 

    2. I recommend inclusion of C4D-to-post-production techniques. For example, for compositing does it matter whether to output object masks or material ID masks? Is there an advantage of one over the other, especially considering anti-aliasing? In other words, i'm suggesting inclusion of end-to-end production of scenes or animations.

    I commend you on this initiative and look forward to being brought out of my darkness into your light. 

    best regards, David

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    Guys, first video is online, access is granted to all of you who subscribed. Please, make sure you leave a review or little insight/criticism here or in the Store, we need this and we would be very grateful if you could spare some time to write something.
    I can only tell from what I've seen in this first video is that this will be an epic if Hrvoje manages to deliver quality like this trough videos that comes and I am 100% positive he will. 

    Enjoy! :D


    EDIT: This time we are using Dropbox folders to share files and one more thing, we are having trouble with setting up hidden forum section that will be only visible to SUB members, so all of you who seeks it and cant find it, I will let you know as soon it's visible to all, for some reason its only visible to Admin's.


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    This is awesome! Just subscribed, it's a no–brainer. 

    I'd like to see some info about Rigging (especially for props)

    I watched a lot of tutorials but haven't seen a good explanation (real example) how and why to use Diffuse channel.

    Python 101 in Cinema 4D 

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    I have a question.  will all tutorials be solely done in C4D and not using any 3rd party plugins, like Octane, After Effects, etc?

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