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Hi Cafe folks :) I have noticed that quite a few questions which require more complex solutions and deeper knowledge are sometimes unanswered on Cafe. Also, I receive daily requests for help via

Cool, so there is interest :) We will start with this in few weeks, I have to choose some good topics and construct few scenes.

folks, Class 4 is in works and will be available this week, probably already tomorrow :)

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Guest kokoro
On 5/18/2017 at 5:07 PM, HSrdelic said:



Building whole setup would take significant time and would result in looooong video. Would just a part, prototype suffice? For example, how to create interactive parts which bounce the ball and user driven flipper etc?

Yes like the flippers, the plunger, and bumper in separate videos would be cool.


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7 hours ago, kokoro said:

Yes like the flippers, the plunger, and bumper in separate videos would be cool.

Hm, that is not difficult to do, have you tried it? Not sure if it would fit the master class since it can be done fairly straight forward...

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That's then build advanced animation, can you create an animation as shooting a pool ball? Something like aim to the target ball using the object ball so the the target ball can move to the expected direction based on the contact point. Can we build something like this?

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I have not seen many tutorials on how to create custom PLUGINS or custom TAGS for C4D or the process to take when wanting to create custom Plugin tools.


Perhaps we could have you show us how to write a custom Plugin with  some code and then review the steps and process to compile & save it....

then and add it to the Plugins folder so it can then be used with  a custom made icon inside C4D.


Sometimes "User data" tabs are sufficient in a project file for sliders ect...

but other times i would like to have my own custom plugins in the plugin  tab for future projects that i can use on repetitive tasks.

Also would be great to cover this same process for Custom TAGS.

Both in Coffee and Python

That's what i would enjoy reviewing in this TD Master Class.


Thanks for your time and consideration.


plugin sample.png

plugin sample2.png

Tag sample.png

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I've been asking everybody and MAXON for help to make many custom V-menu, but to no avail. I understand I can change the main V-menu, but  I want to create a few of them with different tools in them. Maybe it's a challenge for this course?

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