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Moving from C4D to Maya(aaaaaugh)

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Could anybody share their experience on learning Maya when you primarily use C4D?  I fiddled a bit with Maya in college as a 3D newbie, but I hated it. I’ve got a job coming up this fall that requires I work primarily in Maya.  I never used Maya again after discovering C4D.  That was many years ago, and now I’m comfortable with 3D workflows and concepts. 

I remember Maya’s workflows were radically different from C4D.  Some of the questions I have:

  • Does it have an Object manager? (I remember it didn’t – drove me crazy)
  • How similar is MASH to the MoGraph Module?
  • Has Maya’s UI gotten any better?  How do you cope with it?  (I remember cmd-Q didn’t quit the program!)
  • Any other workflows that would seem strange to a C4D user?  (I remember a weird workflow that was like Photoshop’s history panel, but allowed different history stages interact with each other.)
  • Are there some things about Maya you like better than C4D?  (I’m hoping the node-based shader will be a pleasant change.)
  • Most of all…will it be easier to learn a second time around if you’re now good at C4D?  

I realize these are general questions, but any thoughts appreciated.   I tried to Google this a bit, but found very few tutorials or overviews on the subject.  Hope this is the right place for this post. 

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