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Light affecting excluded objects

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I've created an ident, similar to this

, for a uni assignment. I can't post the file as it contains 12 videos, many applied several times each and is a fairly large size, with assets. I have a problem with some of the lighting, despite using the compositing tag and also excluding objects from the light's effects. In the attached image, the silver rectangles, that make STUDIOS appear, are in a symmetry object and have a child which is a fully transparent object, the text simply has a compositing tag, disabling the "seen by transparency" option. As you can see, the light is leaking through the horizontal bar, a bit. It's 2 separate parallel spot lights, with varying colours and intensities. I've put the mask in the excluded objects, yet I still get light leaking through. Any ideas, please? I tried to sort this in AE, but the scene is not very responsive, in there.


Also, as lights don't work in a symmetry object, could I use the range mapper, in xpresso to move the duplicated lights away from the first set? Thanks


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