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jed    305

Was surprised to see this the other day -


only kidding - I re-inked yesterday's XKCD strip. The original is here.

For people who don't know what I'm on about, XKCD is a 3X weekly comic strip about computers, programming, physics and nerdy stuff in general. There's an 'explain xkcd' site for all the strips eg for the above here, where I often find hidden references in what I thought was a simple joke eg the above strip alludes to the Alan Turing film The Imitation Game (which I'd missed).

It's quite hard to find a good comic font - I used VTC Letterer Pro for my re-inking.

2 of my XKCD favorites - GOTO, and Code Quality


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Igor    504

Heheh, thanks for sharing, its cool to see something like that! :D

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