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MAXON is happy to invite you to a 'MAXON User Meetings 2017' which are taking place on 29.09. in Cologne, 06.10. in Hamburg, 13.10. in Munich. Regardless where you are, you are more than welcome to join the meeting. :)


For some more information please click HERE!

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C4D Cafe gets a mention

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jed    176

Was surprised to see this the other day -


only kidding - I re-inked yesterday's XKCD strip. The original is here.

For people who don't know what I'm on about, XKCD is a 3X weekly comic strip about computers, programming, physics and nerdy stuff in general. There's an 'explain xkcd' site for all the strips eg for the above here, where I often find hidden references in what I thought was a simple joke eg the above strip alludes to the Alan Turing film The Imitation Game (which I'd missed).

It's quite hard to find a good comic font - I used VTC Letterer Pro for my re-inking.

2 of my XKCD favorites - GOTO, and Code Quality


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Igor    440

Heheh, thanks for sharing, its cool to see something like that! :D

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Zmotive    49


That's pretty good.

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