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Morph deformer on non-linear spline

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I'm trying to get a spline object made with bezier points to animate with a morph deformer.

When I add the pose morph tag it animates fine, but I need it to work with the morph deformer to be able to offset the animation in a cloner object.

With the morph deformer it just mangles the spline. Is this some kind of bug? Is there a work around?



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A follow up on this, I'm playing around with point caching the pose morph and trying to work with that information instead and am noticing that the point cache deformer will not work on non-linear splines, whereas the point cache tag will.

Still trying to get spline animation to work with time offset using a plain effector on a cloner object, which I think means the animation must be driven by a deformer rather than a tag.

It seems like point cache deformers and morph deformers do not work with non-linear splines in general?

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got same problem here.


so i did a xpresso setup to morph splines, and i was succesful in morphing popints position, but i cannot morph correctly bezier handles

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