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MAXON is happy to invite you to a 'MAXON User Meetings 2017' which are taking place on 29.09. in Cologne, 06.10. in Hamburg, 13.10. in Munich. Regardless where you are, you are more than welcome to join the meeting. :)


For some more information please click HERE!


Solid Angle Arnold goes Subscription

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nerv    208

@Icecaveman and @Rectro I see your points about forcing former owners into subscription. I agree, one should have a choice. 

I have found subscription schemes to be beneficial in my own case. 

I don't share as much concern over the lack of connection.  If I'm anywhere without internet, it most likely means I'm intentionally disconnecting (e.g. vacation). 

And if I found myself penniless then... that would definitely suck. Maybe time to take a break and do something else for a while? Not sure that I have a reasonable answer to that one. :(


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