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Create a folded circle business card

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I trying to create a realistic folded circle business card with 60 mm diameter and folded somewhat like 45 degrees.

This is what i want to achieve in c4d:

  1. Folded circle 60mm diameter paper card or bigger if it doesn't have to meet the same metrics
  2. Paper thickness 400grams for example (1,2mm) not have to be exactly that
  3. There is a front design and back design.
  4. Front design is mirrored and on each half
  5. Back design is (not visible until opening) black with mirrored information text
  6. Nice realistic beveled fold!
  7. Realistic lighting and shadow

I did some tests and used a 'disc' in C4d spit and rotate, but not sure if that is the way to go. Also the material flips the logo on the other side (not showed). 

Must be super easy for a C4d specialist. Would really appreciate  the help or a quick made example to work on?!

Thank you!




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