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Harlaxton Manor Arch Viz WiP


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Hey Cafe

Thought I needed something a bit architectural in my showreel, and inspired as I have been in the past by the typical 3D sort of ultra-modern, simple houses with a pool we see all the time, I decided I wanted to do something old and complicated. And preferably a bit scary.

And then I found Harlaxton Manor, Grantham, UK, set of the dodgy 2005 horror film 'The Haunting', and thought 'there's a challenge', but I did have 500 hours to throw at it. So here we are, the first 100 odd gone, during which I have modelled just the bell tower, its minarets, and its main entrance. And there's still a fair bit of detail to be adding to those.  My grim reapers aren't finished, for example - still need to build them a wall of skulls for their alcoves, and add some more stoney detail goodness to the side towers.

Harlaxton-100-Fron-compt.thumb.jpg.82b8fe19e1f09d8a7bef61a672ea3c21.jpg Harlaxton-100-Front.thumb.jpg.a9e116beb728901305d595e0c1a1a2ef.jpg

I am going for rewardingly high level of modelled detail, which will be extended to the rest of the mansion as I complete it, and its grounds. The small section done so far has given me 2495 objects, and 5 mill subdivided polys so far. Fortunately the rest of it isn't quite as detailed / elaborate, but should still make for a fairly impressive CG enterprise when it's done.

Here's some screenie wires for those of you who (correctly) like that sort of thing ;)

  Harlaxton-100-Bell-Tower-Low2.thumb.jpg.74ba0cb1c43b095b99ec3562710ea6d2.jpg   Harlaxton-100-Bell-Tower-Low-Iso.thumb.jpg.9cd221c2e859052324e466ac442f59a0.jpg Harlaxton-100-Bell-Tower-Close-Iso.thumb.jpg.48179f9bd5ee4bba62a65727608b60f3.jpg



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3 minutes ago, bentraje said:

Epic as always! :) Just wondering did you model it by eye or do you have any reference for the dimensions?

Cheers. Nope - eyeballing it all the way...


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