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Please pitch your ideas for rigg, setup or effect you are after in single reply here in this topic. Try to keep it simple, provide mockups, references, use clear explanations. All ideas will be taken into consideration. Please bear in mind that this topic will only hold ideas and any discussion and replies will be removed top keep things organized and easy to follow.

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I have not seen many tutorials on how to create custom PLUGINS or custom TAGS for C4D or the process to take when wanting to create custom Plugin tools.


Perhaps we could have you show us how to write a custom Plugin with  some code and then review the steps and process to compile & save it....

then and add it to the Plugins folder so it can then be used with  a custom made icon inside C4D.


Sometimes "User data" tabs are sufficient in a project file for sliders ect...

but other times i would like to have my own custom plugins in the plugin  tab for future projects that i can use on repetitive tasks.

Also would be great to cover this same process for Custom TAGS.

Both in Coffee and Python

That's what i would enjoy reviewing in this TD Master Class.


Thanks for your time and consideration.


plugin sample.png

plugin sample2.png

Tag sample.png

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2 hours ago, Flowlife said:

I'd love to learn how to make a rig of a wheel, when the wheel touches the ground, the tire deforms like in real life.

this would be a very short tutorial, since a simple collision deformer will do the trick. ;) via the spline curve in the collision deformers attributes you can control how the deformation shape of the tire should look like... if your tire is too high in poly count for the deformer to perform nicely, you can  create a proxy tire and add a mesh deformer...



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Guest djmosterd

I'd like to know how to rig a character fast with or without  scripting. And placement of the rig in the center of your geometry. Timesaving tips etc. 

Mixing and changing Colors like on a cameleon.

ways to make c4d only use the camera view to render, in order to make renders quicker.

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I would like know how to set up the facial rigging for lip sync, the pose morph, xpresso and python can all be used, the final result would be something like when giving a word, then it can automate the facial expressions. As I think this one tutorial would cover all techniques for facial rigging so I can make any types of facial rigging, think this as one stop tutorial. I just want to know it is done and not the details about how to model, uv mapping and texturing, only animation. 




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Maybe you have had a project where you used Muscles/Mskin in c4d? Would love to learn something interesting about it, if there is something to learn. 

Also how to make and animate knitting in c4d, where you can create it any shape you want.

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If possible I'd like to learn how to generate a weight map. Example: A character is walking on the ground, and where he steps (where his sole touches the ground)  generates weight map, in order to change(mask) texture (after the impact of the sole, different texture appears at this place) like a person after the shower leaves the traces.

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