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Can I get a critique on this?

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kahanamoku    1

This is the first draft of an album cover I'm working on. I'm reasonably happy with it, but there are definitely a few issues.  The neon looks really fake to me. Something with the reflections on the outer glass I think. The scene is lit with an HDRI and a couple other lights. Also wondering why I'm not getting more of a pink glow on the wall.


Any other help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA.


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mattbowden    15

I think it's a great start. You ould probably push the intensity up a bit. A lot of the neon lights I just looked at online seem to be more white and bright in the center...with the color emanating from the edges and more apparent in the glow. You could also mess with adding a fresnel in the luminance to make the intensity more centered? Just might give it some dimension? Are you using the physical renderer or a third party like octane? Also in order to get that good shine on the wall you'll need to use global illumination. Crank up the lights and work on the textures on the wall. Then you could enhance the glow in photoshop or after effects.  Just my two cents! Looking good though!

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Rectro    663


You can add some additional lights to the scene along with the hdr.  When you rely on just HDR you need to keep trying quite a few until you get the right reflections, but by adding your own lights you can position them to catch the edges of a object more, and as already been said Fresnel will help with reflections on edges. The lights added can also give some interesting shapes to the reflections, which is why studio HDR are often used for product shots.  The Bloom effect, or Glow will make the neon look like its illuminating,  a Diffuse Glow in Photoshop can give this Bloom effect, just make sure you render out different passes so you can apply it to just the Neon glass within your compositing app.  I would like to see the neon glow the back wall, that would look nice.


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