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Merging files not to scale

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Hickster    2

I use C4D at work and the process that I've done for a year is to open the base file and merge in the file with splines then apply the spines accordingly.  Normally this goes off without a hitch.  However, an issue I'm having is that when I merge the file the scale is super small.  I've never had to set a scale before so I'm not sure how to fix this.


Thoughts, ideas, or inspiration?

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Rectro    663

You need to choose what scene is the correct scale, and merge into that one.  The base scene must have been made to some scale, or did you not produce the objects to scale in the first place?

If my base model its wrong, lets say its 12cm tall, and should be 172cm tall, il use the Scale project tool.  In the top box id put in the height of my model its currently at  12cm.  In bottom box id put in 172cm and click ok. This sets up my character height correctly and everything else in the scene.

If I didnt do this, then started working on something in another scene that belongs with it ,with no idea what scale it was doing it for, id have no base scale to go off.  Without seeing the scene its hard to help any further.



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