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Green Screen Footage in C4D

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  • Hey guys;) 

    I have some video footage I would like to place into the scene which has a green background (chroma key).

    Is there a way to make the green background 

    transparent within C4D without having to go into After Effects or similar program? 

    Perhaps some way in the transparency or even alpha channels to remove the green? 


    Thanks a lot:) 



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    There are no compositing tools in Cinema 4d like that. AE is a compositing tool and is what you will want to use for that. Now, you can either render your C4D scene out and place your video footage in the scene inside AE or you can render out an image sequence from AE with an alpha channel and put it on a plane in C4D. It's up to you and how your scene looks.

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    Theoretically you could use your green screen footage in the alpha channel and set green colour for colour clipping but it's very unlikely you'd get good results. Options are limited and there is not much feedback in the viewport either.


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