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RandyCates    0

I'm new to C4D (not 3D) and am going through the rocket tutorial. I'm building the fin on the rocket and want to dial in the point placement on my splines. I'm in point mode and am selecting points I want to move individually but whenever I select a point and move it, other points in the fin configuration move with it. What am I doing wrong. I just want to select a point and move it with out anything else moving.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


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Cerbera    1,202

Sounds like you have soft selection turned on. Find it by clicking the selection tool, and looking for the tab in its attributes.

If it's not that your selection tool could be too big, so middle click and drag to reduce its size.


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Radud    0

Also make sure that Only Select Visible Elements option from Selection Tool is checked.

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