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Typewriter Text in C4D

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jasper, this script is great, especially for those who are not familiar with programming (like me).

Thank you so much! It works perfectly in my animation!

I'm sure there'a way to change letter scaling in the moment they appear, like on the animation i've attached (sure, I've used mograph text and bitmap effector).

If it's not too hard to you, can you explain how to make this effect?


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Hey jasperb, I was looking for this exact solution and I was very glad to have found it however Is tarted following this tutorial until I realized that coffee is no longer supported in C4D r20+. I have very little programming experience so I couldn't figure out how to convert it to python instead. Do you know if it's possible or what the code would be? 



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Here it is in Python




it's just a string slice - square brackets with start and end indexes (starts at 0), colon separator, last char is limiter so not printed


my_string = 'abcdefghijklmn'

my_slice = my_string[3:7] # start and end index


# defg

Can also be done in XPresso only -




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added XPresso version
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