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Modeling deadlock

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Pucette    1

I need to bridge some polygons in order to close the gap on a model. The problem is, I'm missing some edges on the top. I need those edges so that I have the amount of edges (top and bottom) to be able to bridge properly. If I use the cut tool (loop) I'm adding more edges everywhere, so it doesn't work. I need to add more edges only on the top, I hope this is clear enough.  

Modeling problem.png



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Cerbera    1,730

I've had a look at your file. It's way too high poly, and unnecessarily so - those shapes could be held with less edges than what you have now. You also have some infinite spiral loops, which are hard to resolve and usually indicate that some base level retopologizing is necessary.

For the first reason above it will be quicker to start again lower poly than it will be to try and wrangle what you have now into viable topology.

When modelling it is vital that you design your edge flow so that any part has the correct amount of segments to meet any other part that joins with it, unless you have the sort of modelling skills when you can solve any amount of edges joining to any other amount.

I'd tackle that top section something like this..


For example it would be sensible to build the top and bottom handle sections so that their edge count matches all the way down the model, so that your trigger section can maintain the same number of edges to connect top and bottom.


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3DKiwi    349

Looks like a gun to me. I reckon you have far too many edges. You could do this with half or more that you have now (assuming this is Sub-D modelled). You then extrude the trigger part out from the top part. 

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