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Blend shapes fail on FBX

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joolsd    2

Hi all.  I am looking for ideas or suggestions as to why the pose morph is not rendering? I have 48 blend shapes.  

I am starting to wonder if I am asking too much of the pose morph? 

After export, the head model completely disappears? Is this normal? 


I have tried many different FBX versions, different pose morph types. I'm starting to think this isn't possible?

See the 'failed' and  'before' export.  This is frustrating. :(

Best regards  Julian


PS now use R17, I need to update my profile.




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Rectro    663

Hi Julian

C4D will have no problem dealing with 48, it can deal with much more than that.


Providing the morphs are working in your view port they should also be working in the render.  Are you putting key frames down for animation, or are you doing stills?



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joolsd    2
  • Topic Author
  • I was hoping to bring the model back into Faceshift so we could use the mapping system in faceshift.

    This is just a still with no key frames. 


    I have managed to use binary data from faceshift and use the faceshift xpresso to link motion to the rig and that works. But are very weak captures. Very poor definition of speech. I have yet to see anybody online use this technique that well, apart from FS themselves. And they are no longer supporting the product.

    There are about 3 workflows:

    1. faceshift > C4D

    2. C4D with faceshift networking between the two programs.

    3. C4D > to faceshift, (assume you just need a rigged model with blend shapes working in a pose morph with correct, naming of objects?)  I assume this is correct?


    The main concern is that the head is not working at all. Even if I was to use FS to C4D work flow. I wouldn't be able to export the model to Unity where it is needed.

    I have tried different FBX formats.

    I have successfully exported other models, with a similar if not exact setup.

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