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Xfrog 5.5 Plugin w/ R18

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Anyone using Xfrog 5.5 w/ R18 successfully?  For some reason, the plugin does not show up under plugins.  The plugin folders (2) are in the plugins folder and I installed the recommended distributable.  I am running R18.057 (Build RB203954) with Windows 7 X64.  Posting anything at the Xfrog forum seems of little use.  I'd appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks!

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I'm not using it, so can't be helpful there, but have you tried putting the plugin in ...Users/YourName/AppData/Roaming/MAXON/R18XXXXXX/Plugins ? (ie your preferences folder)

That works more often than the plugin folder in the main system directory I've noticed...


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Just wondering if you ever got this to work?  I'm having the same problem trying to get it to work under R19.  


It seems to be a dll issue.  If I start C4D in a cmd console with the command start /b /wait "parentconsole" "cinema 4d.exe" I get the following error pertaining to the XFrog plugin:
"Error: OS error loading plugin Xfrog45_R18.cdl64. Could not load dll. (file:///C:/Program Files/MAXON/Cinema 4D R19/plugins/Xfrog 55/Xfrog45_R18.cdl64) [win_dll.cpp(314)]
  Cause: Windows System Error #1114: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed. [win_dll.cpp(309)]"


That's under a fresh install of Windows 10.  Strangely it works on my Surface Book running Windows 10 but I'm having no success getting it to work on my desktop running Windows 10.  And no responses at all from XFrog on my tech support query. :(


Any help greatly appreciated!


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