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Aliasing issue exclusive to Team Render

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Looks like I'm having some aliasing problems exclusive to team render using the standard renderer in R18. The problem occurs with the reflectance on a bezel that is being blown out. Team rendering creates what looks like specular aliasing, but rendering on a single box produces clean results

The team render kicks out the aliasing regardless of rendering a still or a sequence, or adding/subtracting nodes. Adjusting alias settings either globally or locally to the geo has no effect. 

Reducing the reflectance does wonders - team render handles like it should and the problem is solved. However, the design has been sold up the chain and tweaks are largely out. Really hoping to use team render on this job, but I'm out of ideas how to use it with the elements I've inherited. 

I've attached images for the geo, no aliasing, aliasing, and reflectance turned down. 


Thanks for the help! 





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You are not the first person to report this, but nobody (so far) knows why it happens. You need to contact MAXON directly about this.


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