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Post your Redshift WIP / Final Images!


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Feeling retro...     

I'd like to say third time's the charm, but these are way too much fun to work on, so I can't make any promises...     

my first redshift project :) tried to squeeze in as much as possible to learn a lot at once, blurry transparency, volumetrics, fog, displacement, SSS... the only thing i had to fake in post were the u

Posted Images

More R19 Voronoi fun below. 


I've also been playing a lot with ArionFX for post. Another alternative to fusion that's great for giving renders that final filmic oomph.  Not free - but it does integrate into After Effects quite well, so I can continue working in a familiar environment. 



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@djfilms nice! I like the lighting and overall mood. 


I see what you mean about looking a bit CG.  I'd say, It looks more real once the sailboat is a little further away from camera, so I think you'll benefit from adding some textures to it (especially the sail, mast, etc).  


Also, I think  some motion blur could help further in selling the animation as more real.  


Some depth of field might also help.  

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