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Boy have I been on quite the adventure with Cinema 4D.  And boy do I have a lot of good, and bad things to say about the MoGraph industry.


People = great

Experience gained = great

Small studios = dog excrement


For people new to the MographWorld, I have some tips.


Almost everything in my reel was accomplished by myself alone.  The smaller studios are really struggling to find solid talent, so that generally put me in command of doing everything.  Most, and there are many,  of the studios I have worked at, I was essentially the only guy doing 3d MoGraph... they failed monetarily, gargling on blood in this quasi-operational, complete shutdown state of being with mountainous amounts of debt.


If there are any new folks reading this, don't accept an offer from smaller studios trying to become relevant, odds are they won't be.  I can't tell you how many of these studios are continually trying to be the next Troika, Mill, Psyop, BrandNewSchool, etc.  The hubris is a joke, and people in leadership positions often times don't belong there.


Instead look into agency jobs, freelance, corporations with internal creative teams.  <- I wish someone told me this day one.


I'm curious what everyone's experience was, and of course, if you think my reel was a little sexy.


Behance: https://www.behance.net/MographMark

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ah Yea very nice :D I've been meaning to do a reel for ages, I just don't know how sexy you can make a reel full of characters and wire frames :P,regarding the studio, I've never worked for one, probably never will. I really enjoy freelancing and being able to work when I want ,and unless there's a 3rd party involved like an agent you usually get a bit more creative freedom rather than just make a model.based on this concept.

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  • For characters I would just create some sort of movie-like action shot for your characters.  Create a nice background environment for them with amazing lighting.  Turntables taken to the next level :P

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    Those title intros were sexy.  All that mechanical stuff then bam title.  The videos reflecting off stuff was cool.  Very pro.  It does not show off character animation, heavy duty modeling, rendering, or textures, so if you have stills in those things maybe throw it in somewhere.


    What you say about your experience working are things that would help a lot of people.

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