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Control color smoothly around edges

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Eterea    5

Hi guys!


Is there some other shader (or procedure)*, apart form “Proximal Shader” to control the surface color around the edges?


Proximal Shader does exactly what I’m looking for, but it seems that only works with plain geometry, polygons (maybe I'm wrong, and there is a way). And I need to get this look with procedural geometry (a Loft, specifically) which needs to be animated.


In the attached image: that thing at LEFT is a live-loft and it doesn't work as that other thing at RIGHT (which is plain geometry)


Some ideas?




(*) I mean, something to get this done directly inside Cinema. Achieving something similar in postpro —AfterEffects— is my last option…



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Cerbera    1,120

Use vertex maps for this - easy to add edge selections to, and then to use in a vertex map shader with your material...

Normally you'd have to make a loft editable to use them, but you can use correction deformer or even a polygon copy of the loft to generate the edge selections.



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Eterea    5

Thanks for your reply, Cerbera! :-)


But I’m afraid that it can not be applied for my needs. On my case the Loft is animated (like growing vertically, if you look at first example, moving and scaling the square profiles, one after one). This means that we have not the same edge-count at first and at end


Anyway I’m intriguing about that “Correction Deformer”. I don’t know what it’s. I will investigate… Thanks!

On the other hand I have just tried to export the animated Loft as an Alembic file, reimport and apply the Proximal Shader. But it doesn’t work, neither… :-/

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Eterea    5

Hey! That plugin is fantastic!
Thanks for the tip, Voytech! :-)

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