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Horizon fade

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kikic    0

Hello, Im brand new to C4d and was doing some youtube tutorials. This image is base off of one of them ( https://youtu.be/OqXvITbIFzE)


 I'm wondering how I could fade that horizon line so it sort of blends into the sky. I also wondered if you had any tips for making that sky look better. Thanks :)

neon hexegon.jpg

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Cerbera    1,966

Well, we're in space right ? If so, there is no atmosphere, and no horizon to fade ! And the things you have in the scene don't go far back enough to realistically fade out even if you were more terrestrially based. C4D has 2 different types of fog / haze, which you could use to fade out the distance, but using either will look wrong in a space scene. perhaps if the fog were a darker sort of colour, that might make its use more feasible here...


Or you could insert a physical sky, which has all sorts of horizon blending options, but again, won't match the background, which is deep space.

Lastly, you could take the render you have now, and any multipasses you might need and comp them together in Photoshop afterwards, adding your horizon fade there instead.



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