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export to C4D from vectorworks

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Ran    0

Hi all,


I'm trying to export a simple vector works scene to C4D.  The scene is of a large industrial tank that has radius and height of 20 metres. When I export to C4D I can't see the shape of the tank.  When I do the same with a much smaller tank I can see it.  How do I navigate the view so I can see the 20m tank?


Any suggestions much appreciated.




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DanLSK    43

Since you can see the smaller object but have problem seeing the bigger one try this.

Select your object in hierarchy and click O on the keyboard. That should frame it into the view.

If not, than you have camera (view port) clipping problem. Basically your object is outside the range of what your camera (view port) can see.

Click ctrl+D and set the view clipping to huge (that is what R18 has not sure what R16 settings are)


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