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Measure & Construction Tool problems

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When I try to move a selected polygon to a distance I type into M&C  tool Distance 1  field and I press Enter, polygon jumps to some other distance.... What's wrong ?    Have you succeeded to use this tool - I have impression it produces random results, and I struggle to understand what is wrong.


zz Measure & Construction tool problem.c4d

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Cerbera    1,516

I have used M&C successfully before, but only to measure distances, not to then precisely adjust the displayed values.


There is definitely something odd going on there in your scene; I did find a fix, though I can't explain why it is one ! :)

So I concur that in your current setup, entering distances where you have been doesn't work. For me it did even weirder stuff than it did for you - my whole object started moving downwards on Y. But it does work for me (in R18 at least) if I tick that little checkbox to the right of where you enter the measurement, that reverses the arrowhead. Having done that, entering measurements works totally fine. Why ? No idea.



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czarnyrobert    8
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  • I think I have succeeded to discover what is wrong with M&C tool :  It seems adjustment of selected component position with measure is broken when used on midpoints.  It works when measure is set on an edge (between points), but fails when it set between edge midpoints or  polygon midpoints.


    By the way, I think it would be nice if measure could work with measures set between any spots on the mesh.  In real life scenarios, usually I needed to measure/move components  using a distance between two spots on edges, or polygons, and I could not.

    (by spot I mean a place at edge or polygon where there is no point or midpoint)  Or maybe I was just trying to push this tool beyond what it was designed for.

    I think it do its job well for common architectural situations, mostly with right angles, when there is no problem to find points or midpoints to create a measure.

    Anyway, happy to learn how it works ad what are its limitations.

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