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Time Offsetting an Animated Material?

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Eterea    5

Hi guys!

I’m here again, struggling now with Time Offset and Animated Materials.

— Imagine you have an Animated Object, a tube bending from -180 to 180 along 24fr
— You put this inside a Cloner to create 30 copies
— And you add a Formula Effector to the Cloner, with a simple “id” in the Formula field, and change the Time Offset parameter to 1F

By this way we have a bunch of clones bending sequentially, one after one, and depending on the Clone ID (this is important for me). OK, all works fine up to here.

But now imagine that the original tube has a material which is also animated. Changing from Red to Yellow to Green at the same time that our tube bends from -180 to 0 to 180

I was expecting that all my clones would show that animated material also in a sequential way. But this is NOT true. The sequentially bended clones change their particular colors all at the same time, not sequentially…

I understand that this is because the animated parameters of material is NOT something which  “lives inside the cloner to be controlled by our effector”

But how I could achieve something like this?

(NOTE: the example attached here is extremely basic. In my real scene I have an animated Loft and an animated Material with several evolving gradients. Something much more complex. But I think that this simplified scene can serve as example).






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Eterea    5
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  • I ask myself, since I have just discovered a possible path (workaround) that could serve on certain circumstances: instead of animating parameters inside the Material, try to achieve our goal animating parameters inside the Material TAG.


    Since the Tag resides in the ObjectList, belonging to an item that is inside the Cloner, all those animated parameters in the Tag are affected by the Formula Time Offset.


    Of course: if someone share a better and more complete method to “Time Offset Animated Materials”, it would be great! :-)





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