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Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones Fan Art


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1 hour ago, FrenchFish said:

Wow, excellent work...jaws have dropped in my office.


The skin looks a little waxy to me but I can't even get past the Reflectance channel and Rigging.

Thanks, the SSS could be backed off slightly, but out of personal preference I wanted to keep it that way, just love that look.


4 minutes ago, CApruzzese said:

truly amazing work. I don't think many go this far with C4D especially in terms of the likeness of living person. 

Thank you.  


Im happy with the results, its been something iv been aiming for for years, and only see such results in the usual software Maya, Max.  It came to a point where neither of these apps would be affordable and knew only one other peice of software can aid me there, and C4D was the one.  MODO came close, but close is what iv been contending with for years.  Partly down to lack of my own skills, and partly to not having the tools that give me that edge to push things further.  I can only do better from now on, so look forward to what comes next.  Iv still got a way to go, but as long as I keep improving Im happy and content.

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18 minutes ago, StCanas said:

Fantastic and, yes, the scar looks much better. How did you do the moisture on the eyes, just along the bottom eyelides?

Thanks.  The moisture of the eye lid was done by selecting and extracting a row of polygons.  I then modified them and sub divided them.  I used a clear refractive material set up with refraction of 2 for reflection to bring the highlight along its edge.





eye line  water.jpg

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Fantastic work, that's really a great likeliness model. It captures the personality of the character with great accuracy.


I will disagree with most here though, I think the hair is the weakest part of the rendition. They look too soft to me, especially on the beard, as if the hair strands are too thin and too many. In the actual character they look more scruffy and rigid I think (open in new window to see full resolution):

That isn't to say that there hasn't been an amazing job already. Thanks for the breakdown as well!

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Wow Truly amazing hyper realistic work yes the only comment i had was the scars being too red and "fresh" but you took care of that already i would go less deep on the left cheek scar also. The goatee for me is too soft id make it more ridged if you really want to keep going on this. Perhaps add some gray hairs on chin and head to make him older he looks in his late twenties here. The lower eye lids chamfer looks clean unnatural but that me giving constructive criticism. I think this looks absolutely amazing better then anything i could of modeled. The skin color and texturing is perfect id love to get that material. :) Also complements on the tiny nose hairs.

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