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Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones Fan Art


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4 hours ago, eNonymous said:

Wow man this looks so good as of now im learning the basics but some day i wish to be this good , can you recommend some good tuts to learn? btw how long did you take to finish this model? Thanks in advance 

Thank you for your kind words.


There are many disciplines, all of which needs some time to learn each one, at least for me its taken me years so far and its on going.  There are many tutorials out there and I can only list the ones that I found helpful.


First thing is Anatomy, it just cant be avoided when it comes to character work, and there is no short cuts, believe me I looked for them years ago.  With that said the most affordable tutorials is to subscribe to Ryan Kingslinen School Of Art at Uartscy.com  On there I recommend to take Sabin Howard Power and Grace Structure Of Man course, Rey Bustos, Artistic Anatomy, great teacher.  Ryans Anatomy of the Face.  Its subscription only but when I got these I purchased them outright.




Zack Petroc Master classes are worth every pound, dollar, more so If you get on a Master class with him where you get feedback, critique, and a sculpt over of your own work.  You can get these Master classes as On Demand classes which are crazy cheap at $50 each, these where $250 and more when you enrolled as a student.




Getting more expensive, for a intense 10 week Anatomy Training you have Scott Eaton Full Enrolled Student for direct one to one critique. There is a seriouse amount of infomation contained in this training, set aside 5 hrs and day for this, and keep notes, as your need to go over it all again several times.  This guy teaches classes for top end studios such as Industrial Light & Magic, this list is long, here is a review. 




Each one has its own take, and golden nuggets, gems of information.  For compositing in Photoshop I cant direct you to any tutorial as I learnt what I know so far from trial and error, videos on Youtube and alike.  Each application I use iv purchase training for them, get the best training you can after learning the basics yourself from the manual, and tutorials provided by the maker, then go to Gnomon from there where your find the best in the industry.  Eventually I will provide some training after about 10 more peices on this level and above.  Of course it goes without saying that we can do these tutorials, and take the classes and come away with tons of information and no additional skills until they have been applied over over and over again.  Spend as much time as you can doing, not watching others, then your get off to a better start.


Also check out my Anatomy For Artist resource found here, that includes some of the things I got from the above courses.




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