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Looking for gr8 tutorials for realism

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  • Hey guys is there anywhere I can find Vertex Pusher tutorials? I can't seem to find them anywhere?


    Also if any of you can help me out by suggesting some great tutorials that help and dive into materials, lighting, and rendering that would be very helpful.


    I am trying to achieve realistic results, and cant help but notice my renders look too fake and are missing something.

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    For Vertex Pusher, you should send a message to the support or admin here in C4D Cafe.


    With regards to rendering, several options are available such as Pavel Zoch

    or Helloluxx, Cineversity, Fxphd, Pluralsight etc...


    Hope that help you.




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    this is not about c4d, but it was very useful info: 




    also this could be interesting to you too: 


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