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How much to charge?

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nicks    17

There is a great model for charging this type of work which has always served me well:




I'd charge handsomely for the quick turn around, and also echo that you should be upfront about how unlikely it is to get a high quality result in that short time. Clients very often don't understand how much work and adrenaline goes into this type of work and have a "you can do it in front of the telly" attitude. It's always best to gently educate a client at the beginning of a relationship and manage their expectations - that way, you'll get more return work.


That said, if it is your first time working with this client, don't be afraid to watermark whatever work you do, and tell them that they can have the clean version once you've been paid.


I know it's tempting to do a job like this on the cheap for portfolio-points, and that can be fine every now and then, but don't get in the habit of giving anything away - it sets a dangerous precedent!

Let us know how you get on.





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