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IQP OFFICIAL : Mini fly hook challenge


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Hey guys wats up, just a heads up that the challenge will be finishing on Saturday evening, I hope every had some fun taking part in this and hopefully leared/made some improvements to your modelling

Glad to read about the deadline extension.  I have my hook modeled, just need to make some final tweaks, then texture. but I had some deadlines tighten up on me randomly.  :)  

glad to hear it guys lets have some fun ! @Cerbera I think your inbox is full son As a side note seeing as people seem to have only just seen we're running the challenge if needed we can extend th

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Great challenge but as this is a hobby for me, my day job (with nighttime meetings to boot) and a trip planned for this weekend really don't leave me enough time this week to work on it.


Good luck to everyone 



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No worries man, therr will be another challenge for next week :D

I've edited the original post but this challenge and future challenges will be moving to the ELITE TOPOLOGY CHALLENGE LEAGUE. I'll leave and updated topic in the CTD to let everyone know once it's been transferd 

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2 hours ago, maliohammad said:

This is what I have done so far , I am not sure if I can finish it before the deadline tbh .

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 12.46.39 PM.png



okay well what we will do is extend the deadline to Sunday night at 12,so it gives any late starters some more time to finish 

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Love to take part, but I'm grappling with the concepts of the challenge, so I'm sure I fail at most, but I will try anyway. Most of the modeling is in primitives manipulated...

Mini Fly Hook - WIP01.jpg

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