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UDIM Workflow

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C4D does not support UDIMs unfortunately.  There are workarounds but workarounds are not pretty.  I cant give you the workarounds as after I did go through it, I thought it wasn't worth it, especially if you have tons of Islands.


4D Publish does have a UDIM workflow thats worth checking out.




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kbar    78

I will be making some new tutorial videos for how to work with UDIMs using 4D Publish. But the basics are that you select a set of UVs (or islands) and uv map them  so they are in the 0-1 range. Then you can right click on the material in the 4D Publish Material View and select New UDIM. This will create a new material, with a selection tag for the selected UVs and move them into the next available UDIM uv space (2-3, 3-4, 4,5 etc...). Once you have mapped all your UVs to different materials (ie different UDIMS), then you can start to paint the textures. The Material View will automatically create a Color channel for you. Each material, selection tag and texture is named with the UDIM number. Using the Material View buttons to add extra channels will also ensure all the materials get a UDIM with the correct naming convention as well.


If you have UV mapped your model in another program then you can import it using the Material View (Setup UDIMS for Object) and it will automatically create materials, selection tags and import textures if they are available, such as being painted in Mari.



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