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Torggler Doors

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nicks    17

Hi there,


I've come across these doors and frankly, my head is melting trying to work out the geometry/ mechanics of how they work!


I thought it'd be a simple exercise to model one, but they are tricky to get exactly right - in the attached example, I've come close and although the pins and strut start and end in the right position, the strut always shifts away from the lower pivot when it's rotating... Surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be much about the geometry involved on the net, and I'm fascinated by how they work.


Can anyone shed any light on how they work and the setting out involved - I'm not interested in having the attached file finished, much more interested in the setting out and the reasoning behind it.








Untitled 2.c4d

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digitvisions    125

Hi, The way these doors work is by gravity, When the top door is forced sideways gravity takes over, the heavy top door pivots to its centre of gravity and forcing the lower door with connecting  diagonal bar to words it's centre of gravity , when the lower door gravity takes over the diagonal bar connected to the top door forces the top door upwards.

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