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Render failure // OCTANE RENDER

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AuthorArch    5

 Hello boiiiiis and gurls


 I just started working with Octane Renderer. I downloaded a demo version. 
  But sadly every attempt ends with prompt of Render failure. Check Octane Render log window

 and there i found:

<<< Render failure detected!!! >>>
Please check render statistics to solve the problem.
Triangles:0  Disp.triangles:0  Hairs:0  Meshes:0
Device:0 TotMem:2Gb rtData:341Mb film:4Mb geo:0Kb node:2Kb tex:0Kb unavailable:1.645Gb
VRAM used/free/max:345Mb/17Mb/2Gb
Free VRAM is too low!
Try to decrease polygon counts and use out-of-core for textures.
Use 'render instances' when it's possible.' 


 What should I do?


 I'm working on late 2012 iMac
3,4 GHz Intel Core i7

24 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB

Cinema 4D student version R 18


 Whole Renderer doesn't look stable and crashes a lot.

 I downloaded the newest CUDA drivers.


 Thanks for helping me out :)

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nerv    208

From my experience, Octane is pretty much useless with anything less than 6GB of video RAM. 


Your GTX680's 2GB is simply not enough to run octane, hence these errors. 


The only solution is to get a better GPU (or another rendering solution).  


There are some discussions / comparisons between octane and other rendering options in the Redshift for C4D club, and a lot more info in the rendering subforum. 

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Anthony Owen    19

I have used a lot of Forester stuff, etc with 2 (I only have 4 now) but in your case, something is hogging your VRAM besides the 345 mbs in your scene. 

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AuthorArch    5

nerv and Anthony, Thank you guys for a great response. I also send feedback to the Otoy team recently.

 They also suggested optimising the scene by lowering the geometry.

Hah It would be it, but not in my case regarding my scene contains only a simple cube and a source of light.

 So it must be insufficient VRAM memory.

 To be honest this is the first time I'm approaching this problem. I need to educate myself on that matter.

Since I'm very interested in rendering in Octane I'm thinking about changing to the PC.

It's been a 2,5 years form me in working with C4D so I think it's time for something new :)

I need to do some hard research, any suggestions guys where to start?

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nerv    208

I know how you feel. After about 10 years using strictly Macs, I found myself switching over to Windows.  A powerful PC will always be cheaper / easier to customize than a mediocre Mac. Sad but true.  The transition was a little rough at first, but after about a year - it just feels normal now. 


There's lots of hardware knowledge here and on multiple other related forums, so searching will be your first best bet. You can just post any unanswered questions after. 


Good luck! 



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