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How to animate strap?

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SergeS    0

Hi there.

Faced a small task and I can not figure out how to solve it.  
I need to animate the holding strap (not sure how this thing is properly called), but if you watch a small GIF, or even better open the scene file, then you'll understand what I'm talking about.
I generally do not understand how this can be realized.

In this case, I tried to do this via Spline Dynamics (and it fails, as you can see), but ideally I would like to realize it via Joint's.


What workflow would be the most correct and appropriate in this case?
Any ideas and tips, or maybe links to the appropriate tutorial are welcome.
Thanks in advance.




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westbam    68

Well, all I see is your Initial state is wrong. You set it with the box open, but your animation starts with the box closed. 


Simple fix: Give the animation  some more keyframes (350?) play the animation, and when the box is closed And the rope has come to rest,(frame 350?) press Pause, go to the Spline Dynamics tag, under tag, you can press Set Initial. Now your rope will start in that position.


Bones could work, but that is a bit beyond my current skillset.

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