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Multicore CPU Still need in age of GPU?

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adamfilip    2

Considering an upgrade for my pc.

I run octane as my main renderer. my main question/thought is, with Octane needing GPU's (Dual 1080ti)  to do the heavy lifting. I feel a high performance Single threaded (4 core) CPU may be better then a High Core (Threadripper 16core) CPU.


4 cores at 4.5Ghz vs 16 cores at 3.4ghz.

if you were building a new PC which way would you go?

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danijelk    25



I would go with Threadripper for sure, it has boost clock to 4.0GHz anyway, and can go 4.2GHz with XFR, so single threaded performance in c4d are great, not to mention great multithread performance (cinebench r15 cpu score ~3000 points). 



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