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Can`t bind my character!

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Rectro    663

Unless you have C4D r19 you cant select multiple single object and all joints and bind, you must bind one at a time.  Its not ideal to have you limbs separate like this, normally a character is one whole mesh, then only his eyes, teeth, hair, clothes are separate.


As all your parts are within a null you can add one skin object to the null, and add a weight tag to each limb.  With weight tag selected you drag the bones in the joint list that you wish to be belonging to that limb.  You then need to apply 100% weighting to that limb for that joint in the weight manager but you wont get what your after, not a ball and socket type movment.  That kind of rig needs nulls placed at the end of each joint in which the child object is placed into, and that is placed into another null of it self, its very time consuming.


Here is the file to demo a manual setup of the leg.  I havent taken the time to put the null spot on where it should be but you get the idea.  You would use the snap vertex to snap the null to the articulation point of each joint.  These nulls become the controllers.




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