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This job is made is with vray is with the new physical engine of cinema version 13.

This is the version C4d new physical engine of cinema version 13 :bigsmile:

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Fernando Russo

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Really nice work - good to see a comparison of the two renderers.

How did the times compare?


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Thanks my friend :bigsmile:

It is not possible to compare the times of rendering seriously.

In the new physical graphical engine of cinema it is not possible to save the parameters of the GI, while this is possible with Vray and I have used it :wink:

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How long did that take?

Keith :thumbsup:

Not friends

It cannot be made I confront.

I have used two PC.

Resolution 2850 x 1920

Render vray: i7 2600K overclock 5 ghz….Time 1 hour and 10 minutes more or less using the gi saved

Render AR 13: Intel Q9650 overclock 3,8 Ghz

15 hours. It is not possible to save the GI

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The Physical Engine render looks warmer somehow, smoother; the VRAY version has a lighting which looks a little harsher, more unforgiving.

That said, I suspect the VRAY version is a little more true to how such light would behave in the real world.

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:signthankspin: djfilms

Yes Rasputin..

I am already much content of what he can make the physical engine of cinema.

It is a lot improved, until version 12 was not even possible the comparison between AR vs vray.

Vray was always the winner.

Now at least the game ends with a balancing :wink:

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Guest danijelk


This is great! Now we can compare Physical render with VRay and say that in term of quality they are very similar. About this two images, I see that reflections and lighting are little stronger on VRay image, but in my opinion, Physical render image is more natural. I know how strange that sounds (when you say that C4D is more natural then VRay), but that is just my opinion. C4D made a big step forward with this new Physical render...

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